With an ever increasing, more complex underground infrastructure and constant pressure to complete ground works faster, there is a significant challenge to utilities and contractors to maintain high levels of operator safety.

For underground pipe and cable location, the Cable Locator has been the “go to” product for many years, and significant effort has been put into it’s design to reduce the risk of harm to operators and damage to underground utilities when used prior to excavation.

Despite the technological advantages, no two excavations are the same, so it is important that significant and relevant training is provided to ensure that the combination of   equipment and operator can locate and avoid underground utilities safely.

HMG have detailed below a number of Manufacturer Approved Cable Avoidance Training courses.

1:   Half-day Cable Avoidance Safety Training Course                        

HMG will provide all equipment necessary to train up to 10 operators , either at the Customers chosen Location or at HMG Training Facility in Calne , Wiltshire.    All attendees will be certified 

2:  Full-Day Cable Avoidance Safety Training Course                         

Same as above but two half day courses back to back at a single location . To be offered if there are more than 10 operators that need training   All attendees will be certified

3:  Cable Avoidance Safety Management Course                                          

Aimed at Site and Safety Managers who are responsible for producing usage reports in case of a cable strike . Applicable to any Company that uses Cable Avoidance Tool with data-logging and /or GPS. 

4:  Individual Operator Cable Avoidance Safety training course.                  

HMG understand that smaller contractors do not require the same large numbers of their employees to be trained to use Cable Avoidance Tools , so HMG run regular half day courses for individuals to book .  There will be a maximum of 10 operators per course.

This allows local contractors to organise a group to attend.    All attendees will be certified

5: Cable Avoidance Refresher course                                                            

For customers who have swapped from one manufacturer to another, have experience of using cable avoidance tools  and simply want to be updated new features and techniques .All attendees will be certified

Products trained :

All C.Scope

All Radiodetection

All Vivax

If you are interested in training your operators , give us a call on 01249 816 181  to discuss our standard courses or a more bespoke solution .