Mans Location Services are proud offer the Elektronika range of precision TDRs, Bridges, and line qualification instruments to our customers.  ELEKTRONIKA was established in 1952. Since then the company's main focus is on research, development, production and distribution of telecommunication equipment, instruments, systems and networks.

ELEKTRONIKA historically produces tailor-made, high quality products for our national as well as for international customers.

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ELQ30A - 30Mhz Copper Pair Qualifier for broadband services including VDSL, plus TDR and active bridge. Five instruments in one, with special Non-Disturbing test technology for pairs within Vectored Groups. Testing an unqualified pair will not affect operation of the vectored group.

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TDR type Elektronika ETDR 10 is a compact full function portable dual channel precision TDR for general fault location and line qualification with a long range to 32km. Features 100 memory storage and PC download, full mode control including one for intermittent faults, and for loaded cables too.

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ETDR 10C is a precision TDR type fault locator for quick and accurate fault location of coaxial communication cables, and includes a mode for intermittent faults.

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ES 2002 is intended to help a TDR user to make measurements easier when the test object is in a branched network, or when the cable far end is not clear at a long distance or when there are many impedance changes on the line under test.

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The Cable Fault Locator EFL 10 is bridge type, with DC and AC methods using resistance or capacitance, with automatic balancing, intended for fast and accurate fault location and quality testing of telecommunication and signal cables.

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Multi-function, for umbilical, telecom, and power.
Active Bridge
Passive bridge
Graaf fault locator

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Remote, active slave unit to operate with ECFL30 to give open or closed condition, or current measurement (for Graaf method).

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Opening or closing the far end of a tested pair for example for Küpfmüller method, with no need to travel to the far end, no second operator needed.
The device is remote controlled by ECFL 30 or ELQ 30A over the tested pair

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The level test set ET 91 is a 2.4MHz multifunction instrument for Power Line Carrier and other Carrier Frequency Systems.

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ELA 10 Line analyser for analogue testing in the range 20 Hz to 20 (85) kHz, for the test of leased voice frequency circuits

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