Authorized Locator Service and Calibration

After-Sales and Technical Support 

HMG prides itself on after sales support, as any company can sell you the goods, but we support you with the goods to ensure you have every opportunity to perform at your best with anything you purchase through us. 

Technical Support +44 (0)1249 816181 

Our staff will always seek to resolve any technical enquires and are fully supported by the HMG Service Department to guide you to a satisfactory outcome. In the rare event that a product develops a defect within the warranty period, it will need to be returned to HMG for inspection and repair/replacement. 

Service: Manufacturer Approved 

HMG provides a high-level service capability to support all products sold. All equipment is warranted by HMG to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at time of purchase, however, we realise that any highly sophisticated electro-mechanical and software driven devices can let us down from time to time, and at any time. 

For this reason, we provide dedicated Technical Support, extended warranty options and a commitment to support the repair and maintenance of products for a minimum of 10 years from the purchase date of the equipment. 

We believe that the true acid test for quality service is proven only when things go wrong and how we deal with the issues to keep you up and running. 

Calibration: Manufacturer Approved 

HMG provides a full manufacturers calibration check of cable locators and laser levels. 

You will receive a Calibration Certificate, ensuring your unit is safe with a reminder of its next calibration due date. 

Repair: Manufacturer Approved 

Products Under Warranty 

Once received by us, we will examine the equipment, make any repairs that are required or replace the item (depending on manufacturer's policy) and return the goods to you within 3-4 weeks of receiving them. 

Products Outside Warranty 

Once received by us, we will examine the equipment and send you a full-service quotation for the work needed to be carried out. 

If you authorise the work to be carried out, you will need to issue an order number or provide us with payment before work can commence. 

Please note that if we have not received an order number or advance payment within three working months, we will return the goods to you at your expense unrepaired. 

If you wish to contact HMG Service Department to discuss your requirements or book in any items for inspection, please call them on +44(0)1249 816181 - or email them: 

Returning Defective Products to HMG 

Whether you are having your equipment collected or you are sending it to us we still require the following: 

· Full details of the product; manufacturer; model; serial no. 

· Explain the issue of the product as much as possible 

· Company name; contact details; return address